Understanding Pink Diamonds


Unlike the round colorless diamonds, pink diamonds are one of the rarest types of diamonds. The only other diamonds that are rare compared to pink diamonds are the blue and red diamonds. The rare a diamond is the more you have to spend in order to acquire one. You should consider pink diamonds as an investment, due to its rarity, that won't lose its value easily. They are also beautiful and will make great jewelry.

The size and clarity of diamonds is another thing that needs careful consideration when pricing these diamonds. A faint pink diamond will definitely cost you less compared to one that comes in dark pink. You will know dark pink diamonds based on the words they are described with which include deep, intense, fancy, and vivid. Light diamond on the other hand is of less value and is described by words such as very light, light, and faint pink diamond. The dealers know how to categorize and price these diamonds based on the colors and sizes. Visit this website at http://money.cnn.com/2017/04/04/luxury/pink-star-diamond-auction-sothebys/ for more details about diamonds.

To ensure that they don't waste a lot of it, diamond cutters usually cut rough pink diamonds as closely as possible. These diamonds are scarce and this is why the cutters usually come up with some unusual shapes that you rarely see from the other diamonds available in plenty. What matters more is the weight of the pure diamond at the end and cutters will cut some of the most unusual shapes to make the most money out of pink diamonds.

Don't pay a big price for pink diamond unless you have measured it against the GIA color origin report. GIA reports are done by experts who know all about natural colors and know all the types of diamonds available. When you are buying pink diamonds, you should be concerned with purchasing those that are rated highly on the GIA lab tests since they are worth the most, visit website here!

If you are shopping for pink diamond in the local shops, you will find that most of the shop attendants don't know anything about these kinds of diamonds. Many of these shops have never stocked this kind of rare diamond and that is why shop attendants have never come across it. Many store attendants are used to the colorless diamonds that are available everywhere and most of them have never come across most colored diamonds.

Make sure to choose your dealer carefully. It is important to select one who deals in more than one type of colored diamonds. This is the best way to get a good dealer who has an established reputation in the field. The good thing with getting professional dealers is that they know the differences between diamonds and will help you choose the best at your budget.